Kristiansund – A taste of Kristiansund

A great combination with the experience of Sundbåten, the clipfish museum and a city walk.

On this tour you will experience the best that Kristiansund has to offer. The unique trip with the Sundbåten, the visit to the clipfish museum, which tells about the history of Kristiansund and its clipfish business and a sightseeing walking by the only living shipbuilding museum Mellemwerft, a coffee roastery and the famous clipfishwoman.

The excursion starts at the jetty of the famous Sundbåten. The passenger ship «Sundbåten», founded in 1876, is a trademark of Kristiansund. First it goes to the island of Gommalandet, where the clipfish museum is located. The oldest part of the warehouse ("Brygge") was built in 1749, since then clipfish is produced here. Unlike stockfish, clipfish is salted before it is dried. After the approximately 50-minute guided museum tour, we walk around the harbor bay back to the city center. We pass the historic “Mellemværftet” shipyard - Norway's only “living” shipbuilding museum with buildings from the late 19th century. Here we get to know traditional maritime practice and craftsmanship, hear stories around an open fire and watch a blacksmith at work. We also visit the nearby Café Patrick Volckmar with its coffee roastery, a cozy 1950s-style café with delicious coffee and souvenirs.

Before we get back to the ship, we pass the Kirkelandet Church (external visit), Vanndammen, an old water reservoir and the famous clipfish woman.

  • Boat Transport
  • Guided tour
  • Entrance Clipfish museum