Kristiansund is one of Norway’s most distinctive towns with its colourful architecture, and known for its clipfish production.

Kristiansund is beautifully located at the far end of the sea on 3 islands named Inlandet, Kirkelandet/Gomalandet and Nordlandet. There were originally 4 islands devided by sea but today Kirkelandet and Gomalandet are connected by sanding.

The town became famous for its clipfish production as early as 1737. More recently, the oil and gas industry has established itself as the main economic sector here.

Kristiansund is one of Norway's most distinctive cities with its post-war architecture and many different colored houses. It was almost wiped out in 1940, nearly 900 houses burned down after the city was bombed. The city that meets visitors today has been built up over the last 50 years.

Much of the city lost its old character, but you can still experience what it was like when you visit the old town on the lower part of the Inland.

In Kristiansund you will soon discover that you are visiting a cultural city with the Opera, Sunbåten and the clipfish history.