Molde – Atlantic Ocean Road & Varden Audio Tour

Enjoy the Atlantic Road - probably the most beautiful and spectacular coastal road in Norway - and the fantastic views from the Varden viewpoint in Molde

Our excursion begins in Molde, the capital of the Romsdal province. The city lies on the banks of the Romsdalsfjord surrounded by 222 mostly snow-capped mountain peaks.

Our journey takes us past Molde's popular hiking and skiing areas and the marble-studded mountains directly to Norway's most famous coastal road, the Atlantic Road.

This unique and spectacular series of bridges connects numerous islands and reefs and was named Norway's Building of the Century in 2005. During a 30-minute photo stop, we have the opportunity to experience this interplay of nature and modern architecture up close.

The tour continues along the breathtaking Hustadvika Coast, dotted with cliffs, reefs and sandy beaches.

We return to Molde past the birthplace of the popular Jarlsberg cheese and one of Norway's largest natural gas fields.

Shortly before the end of the tour we reach the 407m high Varden viewpoint. During the approximately 15-minute photo stop, a wonderful view of the fjord landscape with its countless small islands, the city and its impressive mountain panorama awaits us. Before we reach the harbor again, there is still time for a short city tour.

  • Tour by coach
  • Audio Guide
  • Varden Viewpoint Photo Stop
  • Atlantic Ocean Road Photo Stop